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Cao Xiucheng: Cotton Spinning Spindles Meet the Needs of Spinning Varieties, High Speed, and Automation

Cao Xiucheng: Cotton Spinning Spindles Meet the Needs of Spinning Varieties, High Speed, and Automation

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Cao Xiucheng: Cotton Spinning Spindles Meet the Needs of Spinning Varieties, High Speed, and Automation

  This year's Shanghai Textile Machinery Exhibition, the transformation of the head of the all-electric spinning machine and the electric spinning technology have attracted the attention of many industry experts. With the development of information technology and intelligent technology, cotton spinning spindles have been labelled as high-speed, high-quality, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and intelligent labels on spinning frames. Xiucheng summarized the latest exhibits and spindle structure technology of current cotton spinning spindles.

  1. The characteristics of spindle products mainly exhibited by several domestic spindle manufacturers at this exhibition

  1.1 High speed

  Live demonstration 25000r.p.m. The aluminum casing spindle introduced to customers is mainly a new type of spindle structure (flat ingot bottom). Aluminum casing spindles include various domestic spindles, Novibra HP-

  S68 spindle structure, D6100 series and 6811 series, as well as double damping (dual oil cavity) spindle structure, to meet the domestic and foreign spinning needs of 20000r.p.m, or even higher speed spinning. Moreover, there are special displays for high-speed small package spindles (7-inch 180-190 bobbins).

  1.2 Suitable for collective doffing and collective doffing transformation with aluminum sleeve spindle

  Another focus of this exhibition is that several major domestic spindle manufacturers have exhibited a large number of aluminum sleeve spindles in their exhibits, and the number or variety of polished spindle spindles has been greatly reduced, which also reflects that the manufacturing companies are accelerating the product structure. Adjust to meet the development needs of spinning in the direction of high speed and automation.

  The collective doffing is equipped with aluminum sleeve spindles to meet the requirements of different spinning varieties and speeds, especially the low-speed large package spindles and low-count yarn gripper spindles that specialize in spinning low-count yarn varieties.

  As textile enterprises (especially coastal enterprises) face difficulties in recruiting and high labor costs, the rapid change of collective doffing on short-stay spinning machines has experienced rapid growth. There are many new varieties of modified spindles or special aluminum casing spindles. The specifications of aluminum rods and yarn cutting discs have been changed or improved.

  1.3 Spindle with tail yarn retention function

  In order to meet the needs of collective doffing, reliable tail retention, less driving breaks, and reduced manual cleaning, exhibitors exhibited a large number of spindles with tail retention function, mainly dragon teeth grippers, and zero winding devices.

  1.4 New polished spindle suitable for spinning enterprises to speed up and upgrade

  D5100, D6100, D7100 series polished spindles are suitable for spinning companies to phase out D1200, D3200 series and φ24, φ22 spindles with specifications of cast iron spindles, which is more conducive to speeding up and energy saving of spinning machines. It meets and adapts to the needs of about 80% of the domestic short-distance vehicles equipped with polished spindles for upgrading.

  1.5 Imported spindle and imported gripper

  Is still the first choice for high-end spinning companies in the current new projects and renovations. Several companies have shown spindles equipped with imported spindles and imported grippers (or zero winding devices).

  1.6 Show efficient, fuel-efficient and energy-saving spindles

  Various companies have increased the promotion of additional functions of spindle products. For example, the energy-saving and fuel-saving of spindles, as a selling point of the products, meet the needs of spinning companies. The need to save labor, save energy and reduce costs.

  Several domestic spindle manufacturers have exhibited various varieties and series of spindles, showing a variety of spindle structures, a variety of rod and disc structures, and imported component spindles. From the function and performance, they can meet the needs of high-speed and automated spinning. , Increased energy-saving publicity (range 3-9%) and fuel-saving publicity (June-December oil change cycle), etc. In the past ten years, domestic spindles have been adapted from spinning automation and high speed, spindle upgrading With faster progress.

  2. Spindles mainly exhibited by foreign exhibitors at this exhibition

  2.1 Foreign spindle manufacturers are mainly displayed by Novibra and Texparts, and there are not many varieties or specifications

  On-site demonstration or display has more compact and intuitive features. Novibra shows two types of gripper spindles, shows the speed of the gripper opening and closing, and shows the high-speed spindle operation.

  Texparts, a subsidiary of Qingze Company, uses video playback spindle assembly and some spindle parts manufacturing, with a very high level of automation, demonstrating the numerical control, automation and high-end manufacturing capabilities of European companies. Domestic enterprises must learn from and learn from, first, high-end automation manufacturing, and second, changes in the way exhibitions are displayed.

  2.2 From the point of innovation of foreign spindles, Novibra is still highlighting the high-speed, low-noise, energy-saving spindles and dragon tooth grippers of the Lena structure. Lena spindle structure is another innovation.

  3. This year's sensational effect-Huafang Electric Ingot

  3.1 Huafang Electric Ingot: The electric ingot displayed by Jiangyin Huafang New Technology Company has become the most eye-catching booth. Many manufacturing companies, spinning professionals, industry experts, and university professors have come to check and communicate. The future may lead to revolutions in the main transmission structure and technology of the spinning frame, and energy-saving systems in the spinning enterprise!

  3.2 Xinyang—NASA spindles, using double damping structure technology, high-speed spindles demonstrated the effects of low vibration, low noise, and small amplitude at a speed of 25000r.p.m. It lays the foundation for the structure and technology of domestic spindle products for domestic spinning enterprises to develop from 21000 to 22000r.p.m high-speed spinning.

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