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Can high speed! Less oil change! H8A35 spindle feast is ready, henan no.2 spinning machine waiting for you!

Can high speed! Less oil change! H8A35 spindle feast is ready, henan no.2 spinning machine waiting for you!

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Can high speed! Less oil change! H8A35 spindle feast is ready, henan no.2 spinning machine waiting for you!

"Since this year, the textile industry has continued the recovery since September last year. Not only has the number of new spinning projects increased, but also the number of automation renovation projects to improve efficiency increased significantly, which has also boosted the sales of cotton spinning equipment and specialized spinning equipment." Cao Xiucheng, chairman of Henan No. 2 Spinning Machine, told reporters that the enterprise is now in a state of flourishing production and marketing, and all departments are working at full speed to ensure the demand of spinning enterprises to transform, install and update spindles with a variety of spindle products and services.
For 50 years, Henan No. 2 Spinning Machine has been committed to research and development, production and sales of all kinds of spinning spindle, is a domestic professional spindle manufacturer with complete series of varieties and large production and sales volume. Professional service at home and abroad textile industry, has thousands of customers, for the well-known spinning machine enterprises supporting, is a strong partner of all kinds of spinning enterprises.
This year's joint exhibition of spinning machines, henan two spinning machines have made careful preparations. The enterprise will bring a full range of varieties of cotton spindles, wool spindles, linen spindles, chemical fiber spindles, glass fiber twisting spindles and other products to the exhibition. The spindles with features and highlights will be displayed to professional audiences.
Feature a high-speed
Centering on the development trend of high-speed spinning, henan No. 2 Spinning machine site will exhibit and demonstrate three kinds of spindle structures with mechanical speeds of 35000R.p.m., 25000R.P.M., and 20000R.p.m., providing spindle solutions for high-speed spinning. The YD8100 series (Xinyang-NASA spindles) double-damped high-speed spindle is mainly introduced to ensure that users can spin at the high speed of 22000R.p. It is understood that this type of spindle will also be used in the compact spinning ring spinning frame that shanxi Best company is focusing on displaying for high speed spinning at 22000R.p.m.
Features two long oil change cycle
In view of the trouble and waste caused by frequent oil filling and refueling of the spindle in the field of spinning, Henan No.2 spinning machine will show the spindle with long oil change cycle. The bearing part of the spindle is equipped with a patented sealing structure with innovative design developed by the enterprise, which has been tested and verified in the customer workshop for more than one year. No oil filling or refueling is required within one year, and the oil change cycle of more than 12 months can be guaranteed to save labor, reduce oil consumption and reduce pollution.
Featured three colonies modified aluminum casing
Henan No. 2 Spinning machine has introduced a series of aluminum casing spindles to meet the needs of collective doffing transformation of short cars in spinning enterprises. According to the yarn count, raw material (fiber) and other requirements, a variety of specifications can be developed, suitable for the yarn tube from 7 to 9 inches, spindle reel diameter φ19 to φ24, cutting reel also has a variety of specifications. There are some new solutions to the problem of broken yarns of specially spun low count pure chemical fiber yarns.
Characteristic four energy saving
In order to support textile enterprises to practice the concept of green and low-carbon development, Henan No. 2 Spinning Machine has developed energy-saving spindles to reduce energy consumption of spinning frames and power consumption of tons of yarn. The audience will have a more intuitive understanding of yD4103E-19, YD6103EG-19 and YD6111F(φ3)-19 series energy saving spindles.
Here, you can also encounter xinyang Spindle!
It has always been the goal of Henan No. 2 Spinning Machine to meet the function and spinning process requirements of the main machine, to make synergistic progress with the main machine enterprises, and to serve the customers of spinning enterprises together. Henan No. 2 Spinning Machine has been grateful for the love and cooperation of well-known spinning machine enterprises. In this joint exhibition of spinning machines, many main machine factories still choose to use the spindle of Henan No.2 spinning machine to show the high performance and multi-function of the main machine. For example, shanxi Best Machinery Manufacturing Co., LTD. YD8111F(Js)-19 double damping high-speed spindle; Yhp-6811f (Jn)-19 high-speed spinning spindle of Hubei Tianmen Spinning Machine Co., LTD. PLA 4806 Factory YD6111F(Jn)-19 high-speed spindle; Zhejiang Golden eagle Co., LTD. MD512Z (suitable for flax collective doffing spinning spindle), etc.
In June in Shanghai, a feast of spindles has been prepared. Henan No.2 Spinning Machine is waiting for you at H8-A35

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