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Wugong Yinlong Group: Spinning fine yarns is inseparable from good spindles

Wugong Yinlong Group: Spinning fine yarns is inseparable from good spindles

Wugong Yinlong Group: Spinning fine yarns is inseparable from good spindles

  Wugang Yinlong Group Co., Ltd. is the largest private textile enterprise in Henan Province. It has subsidiaries of Longshan Textile, Yinhe Textile, Jinhui Textile, Longxiang Textile, Yixin Cotton, etc. It has more than 500,000 cotton spinning spindles. According to Lian Yingbin, Director of the Equipment Department of Yinlong Group, the company was founded in December 1988, completed and put into production in November 1990, and was reorganized into a joint-stock private enterprise in November 2000. "In the past 20 years after the restructuring, the company has maintained a relatively rapid development rate. At present, we have an annual output of about 60,000 tons of yarn and annual sales of 2 billion yuan." Lian Yingbin said

  Since the restructuring in 2000, the company regards development as the top priority. The annual project, production scale, output value, profits and taxes, and employee income have achieved a "triple jump", which has increased fivefold. In October 2003, the company successfully passed the IS09001: 2000 international quality system certification. In the past 20 years, the company has been operating steadily, and has achieved an industry record of zero settlement of payment for upstream and downstream customers, on-time payment of employee wages, and no bank defaults for 20 consecutive years, achieving good and fast development of the enterprise. Has been awarded "Pingdingshan City Star Enterprise", "Henan Provincial Private Enterprise Credit Tax Advanced Unit", "Henan Provincial Excellent Private Enterprise", "National" Contract-abiding, Credit-honoring "Enterprise", "National Textile Harmonious Enterprise Construction Advanced Unit", etc. Multiple honorary titles. Yinlong Group was also awarded the title of "Pure Cotton Compact Yarn Production Base" by the China Cotton Textile Industry Association, and the "Yulong" brand cotton yarn was rated as the most influential brand.

  Lian Yingbin was interviewed by a reporter from China Textile News.

  Talking about the use of spindles, Lian Yingbin said: "Since the establishment of our factory, our company has been using spindles from Henan No. 2 Textile Machinery. There are more than 300,000 spindles of polished rods in production and operation, and more than 100,000 spindles. All are aluminum casing spindles for collective doffing. "

  Good consistency, stable production status

  "At present, some of our polished spindles have been used for more than 11 years, and the production and operation status is still very good. It is expected that they can be used for 15 years." Lian Yingbin told reporters when he talked about why he had a special liking for the spindle of Henan Second Textile Machinery The actual use shows that the spindle of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery is of excellent quality and very durable. According to the requirement of 8-10 years of spindle life cycle, Yinlong Group has been replacing spindles that have been used for a long period of time according to the machine. In the process, some spindles have been "overdue", but no problems have occurred.

  On the other hand, the spindle of Henan No.2 Textile Machinery has good consistency, which meets the requirements of enterprises to produce high-quality yarns. In order to improve the product grade and added value, and lengthen the industrial chain, in July 2005, Yinlong Group invested in the construction of Longshan Textile Science and Technology Park Project. The project mainly produces worsted cotton yarn with a total investment of 2 billion yuan and is invested in 5 phases. All adopt the most advanced spinning equipment at home and abroad.

  According to the introduction, in order to spin high-quality yarns, Yinlong Group has made great efforts in raw materials, equipment, management and other aspects. In terms of raw materials, we mainly use high-quality cotton from Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps and strictly control it; in production equipment, we have always paid attention to various types of new spinning equipment and are willing to invest; in production management, we focus on each branch plant to achieve equipment , Technology, quality inspection as one of the production management system to ensure the improvement of various indicators such as equipment intact rate, first-class product rate. In addition, in terms of operation, Yinlong Group has established a sales network that radiates Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangxi and other coastal and eastern developed regions, and the products are in short supply. Lian Yingbin said: "Now we have nearly 400,000 spindles to produce 32 to 120 counts of pure cotton compact spinning. Due to the stable quality and the formation of a fixed customer base, our yarns are out of stock and the selling price is comparable The market price of yarns of various specifications is higher than 1000 ~ 1500 yuan / ton. "

  "Now downstream companies are increasingly demanding consistency in yarn quality, which requires our production status to remain stable. For stable production, the selection and maintenance of special parts and equipment are critical. The spindle consistency of Henan Second Textile Machinery Well, the smooth spindle has a small spindle difference and a stable state at a speed of 17,600 rpm. The normal spinning speed of aluminum sleeve spindles is more than 18,000 rpm, and some of the machine speeds are already close to 20,000 rpm. "Lian Yingbin said that the spindles of Henan No. 2 Textile Machinery met the requirements of enterprises to produce high-quality yarns."

  Attentive service, guarantee to use the spindle

  Like other spinning equipment, spindles must maintain a stable production and operation status. In addition to the reliable quality of spindles, good maintenance management is also very important. In order to ensure the stable use of spindles, Yinlong Group has formulated strict regulations on spindle use management. In order to let users use spindles well, Henan Second Textile Machinery also provides a series of thoughtful services.

  Lian Yingbin said: "Henan Erfang Machinery Company's services are in place. In terms of after-sales service, the technicians of Henan Erfang Machinery often visit the workshop. In addition to regularly training our relevant personnel, they also use the spindles in the workshop. The situation is tracked and detected, and any use problems can be corrected in time without affecting production. They also gave tools and instruments such as spindles to facilitate our daily inspection and maintenance of spindles. "

  According to Lian Yingbin, during the use process, the spindles of Henan No. 2 Textile Machinery basically have no problems, but the staff of Henan No. 2 Textile Machinery will still visit regularly to understand the use of customers and provide services and guidance. "In the past, we didn't master the skills of spindle refueling, they gave detailed instructions. How to use the spindle refueling machine, when it needs to be refueled, and how to do quantitative replenishment, we taught it hand in hand. After fumbling, we recharge the spindle The cycle is continuously prolonged, and the oil is refilled every week at the earliest. After using the spindle dispenser, it is extended to 3 months, and is now gradually extended to half a year. This not only saves costs, but also reduces the workload of workers, and the single spindle failure is also more Less. "Lian Yingbin said.

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