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Where do 90% of the spindles of Xinye Textile come from? Quality and reliability are hard indicators

Where do 90% of the spindles of Xinye Textile come from? Quality and reliability are hard indicators

Where do 90% of the spindles of Xinye Textile come from? Quality and reliability are hard indicators

  Speaking of cotton textile enterprises in Henan, "Xinye Textile" is the most mentioned name. Xinye Textile Co., Ltd. is the first listed cotton textile company and the largest textile leader in Henan Province. The economic benefits of Xinye Textile have been ranked in the forefront of the national cotton textile industry and the first in the same industry in the province for more than 10 years. It has been rated as the "Top 20 Competitive Enterprises in the National Cotton Textile Industry" and "National Functional Product Development Base" for consecutive years. .

  In the recent stage, the company has maintained a good profit growth momentum. The 2018 semi-annual report released recently showed that the company achieved revenue of 3.211 billion yuan during the reporting period, a year-on-year increase of 24.3%; the attributable net profit was 180 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31% .

  Gao Ke, Vice Minister of Quality Management Department of Xinye Textile Co., Ltd., was interviewed by a reporter from China Textile News.

  Speaking of the cooperation with Henan Second Textile Machinery Co., Ltd., Gao Ke, Deputy Director of the Quality Management Department of Xinye Textile Co., Ltd., told the reporter of China Textile News: "Before using Henan Second Textile Machinery spindles, we have used many other Domestic spindles of the brand. After using the spindles of Henan Second Textile Machinery, we feel that the spindles of Henan Second Textile Machinery fully meet the production requirements in terms of performance and function, and the service life reaches more than 8 years; it runs smoothly at high speeds, with little vibration and saving Energy consumption and convenient maintenance. At present, 90% of the spindles we use are products of Henan Second Textile Machinery. "

  Technical improvement to meet the requirements of enterprises

  According to Gao Ke, Xinye Textile currently has 640,000 spindles for ring spinning, 50 air-jet spinning machines and 1600 shuttleless looms in Xinye, Henan. The main products are various types of cotton (blend) yarns, natural fabrics, More than 150 varieties in three series such as woven fabrics.

  Speaking of the competitive advantages that the company has formed over the years, Gao Ke concluded that the first is that the group mainly uses Xinjiang cotton and imported cotton. Collective procurement and base procurement, due to the formation of scale, have more advantages in price and ensure stable raw materials Supply channels; the second is excellent quality. The company mainly produces 40S ~ 80S pure cotton compact spinning and siro spinning yarns. The products reach the level of 15% ~ 5% of Uster Bulletin. They are sold at home and abroad with excellent quality; Third, it has brand advantages. The company's "Hanfeng" brand cotton yarn and "Huazhu" brand fabrics have been rated as the "most influential product brand" by the China National Textile and Apparel Council.

  Talked about the reason why the product market is more competitive, Gao Ke said that this stems from the company's adherence to high-standard management requirements, which guarantees the stability of product quality. In order to ensure the quality of the yarn, excellent equipment and high-quality parts are required. According to reports, Xinye Textile's main production equipment are imported from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Italy and other countries and domestic advanced carding and combing machines , Air spinning machine, automatic winder, shuttleless loom and other international and domestic first-class equipment. For the spinning equipment, Xinye Textile also has very high requirements, all of which use high-end international and domestic brands and high-quality products.

  When it comes to why most of the spindles are selected from Henan Second Spinning Machine, Gao Ke said that at present, the spindle speed of the enterprise's ring spinning spinning machine is between 16000 rpm and 18,000 rpm. The spindle of the spinning machine not only runs smoothly, the amplitude is small, but also the power saving effect is obvious. Especially after extensive use of YD6100 series flat-bottom aluminum casing spindles and polished spindle spindles, according to the company's long-term follow-up inspection by relevant departments, the power consumption has been saved by more than 8%. At the same time, the spindle maintenance of Henan Second Textile Machinery is also very simple and convenient. "In the past, our spindle refueling cycle was about 15 days, and now the refueling cycle is more than 6 months, this alone will save a lot of labor and use costs." Gao Ke said.

  In addition, the spindle of Henan No. 2 Textile Machinery has improved rapidly in recent years. The new products such as aluminum sleeve spindles and automatic gripper spindles developed by them have met the collective doffing production needs of enterprises well. Gao Ke said: "In the past, we used spindles without automatic grippers on our doffing spinning machines. There will be yarn return on the spindles. We need to stop and clean the yarn back to ensure normal production. In 2017, 120,000 spindles After all the Henan No. 2 spinning machine's automatic gripper spindles are used in the project, there is basically no yarn return. The spun yarn retention rate was about 95% in the past, but now it has increased to more than 98%. This reduces the workload of the car stopper and improves production efficiency. "

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