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Founded in 1970,Henan No.2 Textile Machinery Co., one of the key backbone enterprises of China Textile Machinery Association and one of the drafters of spindle industry standards. It is the executive director unit of China Textile Machinery Association and vice chairman unit of Henan Textile Association, member unit of the New Textile Machinery Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the key cultivation equipment manufacturing enterprise in Henan Province, excellent private enterprise in Henan Province, and honest private enterprise in Henan Province. Our company currently has 120 professional and technical personnel, and was awarded "China Textile Machinery Industry Spinning Spindle Product R & D Center" by China Textile Machinery Association. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and the "High Speed ​​Spindle Industrialization Project" was listed as a "torch plan" project by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The "Feihuan" spindle has obtained more than 20 national patents. The annual production and sales of 3.5 million sets of cotton spinning spun spindles have been leading the country for 20 consecutive years. 72% of the country's top 100 spinning companies use our company's spindle products. Supporting various domestic mainframe manufacturing enterprises, the domestic market share is nearly 40%. The main production equipment is more than 1,000 sets and sets, and a perfect quality assurance system has been established. The core parts of the spindle are all produced by the company itself. The main raw materials of bearing steel, aluminum and spindle bearings are all domestic famous enterprise brand products. The ingot bottom heat treatment production line provides a reliable guarantee for the inherent quality of the product.

Our company adopts pre-sale service and after-sales marketing service tracking for customers. The company has a technical service department responsible for technical training for customers. Technical service personnel supervise the correct use of spindle products on site and solve technical problems on site.

Company Profile

  Supporting China's well-known spinning machinery manufacturers, it has thousands of textile enterprise users in China. A large number of products are exported to Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Turkey and other countries.

  "Feihuan" spindles have won many national awards and have been rated as famous brand products in Henan Province. The products have won 22 national patents. (Such as YD5000 series spindle spindle, clamp-type ring spinning and yarn retention device, etc.)

  YHP-6800 series of new high-performance spindles produced in cooperation with the world-renowned spindle manufacturer NOVibra meets the needs of high-end domestic customers and is exported in large quantities.

  Chairman, general manager Cao Xiucheng and all employees, sincerely look forward to friends from all walks of life come to our company for inspection and negotiation

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